Our Environment

Little Dinos: 3mths – 18mths

The Little Dinos room is the first of our baby rooms and is situated on the first floor. It is a bright yet cosy welcoming room which follows the same layout as all our rooms, a soft area and then a easy to clean area. The Little Dinos team are qualified and highly experience in all areas of childcare and specialise in younger babies. The ratio of staff to babies is one: three.

A general day in this room starts with lots of cuddles before moving onto the important tasks of snacks and drinks as required. A craft or messy activity takes place in the morning and afternoon and when we get outside to play (weather permitting). All needs and routines for an individual child are followed and we hope to provide a home from home environment.

Little Explorers: 18mths – 2 1/4yrs

The Little Explorers room is a spacious room consisting of a variety of areas for covering the seven areas of learning through many different planned activities.

We use the hard floor for lots of fun, creative, messy activities.

The Carpet area is used for free flow activities and toys, we also enjoy circle times and circle games, whether this be listening and attention games, turn taking games or social interaction.

As some children start the potty training journey in Little Explorers we have a little toilet to promote independence.

The room has a wonderful garden area where the children can free flow and access mud, water, sand, and physical activities.

The Little Explorers team is made up of some fun individuals which provide love, care, and affection towards the children. The ratio is 1 to 3.

Little Explorers Aims…

  • Use the outdoor spaces to help develop their gross motor skills and physical development.

  • Encourage children to engage in play. Extend and challenge their play where needed.

  • Model clear and simple speech, this will allow the children to help develop their vocabulary and help them follow instructions and boundaries.

  • Promote and encourage independence as they travel through their time in Little Explorers.

Busy Bees: 2 1/4yrs – 3 1/4yrs

The Busy bee’s room is a sociable, inquisitive, and lively room situated at the front of the building.

It consists of two rooms that are joined into one providing an open flowing space for up to 16 children with the team ratio being one to four. We use the seven areas of development to assess, plan and implement a wide range of fun learning based activities according to children’s needs. In this room this is where the children start to develop their own little personalities and they start the transition from toddler to pre-schooler!

We have our own toilet block for the children to use, we encourage a lot of independence in Busy Bees and promote the children to start potty training if they haven’t already started. We have a lovely decking area that we use all year round. The children love being outside come rain or shine! In the garden they can explore the water, sand and our lovely mud kitchen! The children have access to lots of physical and gross motor equipment to burn off that endless supply of energy!  The children always have opportunities to extend their play by having open ended resources.

The room is divided into many different areas to cater for all the needs of individual children. Providing areas for free and imaginative play, a quiet area with soft cushions to relax and look at books and chill out, a home corner to encourage role play and friendship building. We also provide daily creative and messy play activities which are carried on throughout the day enabling all children to explore their senses and develop their own ideas. We have daily singing and story time.

Busy Bees Aims…

  • Give the children the opportunity to have a voice and have the confidence to explore and experiment.

  • Let their speech and vocabulary flow as they learn new and exciting words and phrases.

  • Encourage their own self-care whether its washing hands, going to the toilet or helping with dressing routines.

  • Allowing the children to feel happy and confident by building upon their skills to make new friendships.

Pre-school: 3 – 5yrs

Our pre-school is made up of two rooms and an outside space.

We have a main pre-school room where the children are provided opportunities to experience a wide range of activities such as, writing/mark making, role play, imaginative play and mathematics. This room also has two double doors, which are open most of the day so children can free flow between inside and their own outside space.

Children are provided opportunities to access sand, water and physical activity in this outside area. We also have a smaller room with hard flooring, used for focused learning, messy play and lunch time. Both inside and outside areas follow weekly themes and topics which are planned around the children’s interests and cover the 7 areas of learning (as set out in the EYFS).

Our pre-school team is made up of our room supervisor and a team of 4 skilled and experienced professionals. Having this team structure allows us to have a maximum ratio of 1 adult to 8 children at all times.

Pre-school Aims…

  • Encourage friendships by providing opportunities for social interaction.

  • Promote independence by giving the children responsibilities and opportunities.

  • Develop curiosity by allowing children to think for themselves and take ownership over their learning.

  • Be positive role modelsat all times.