Our rooms

The Dolphin is set over three bright and colourful areas each providing care for a different age range. Please click on the link below to read more about each room and see some pictures.


Little Tots Baby Room
0-2 years old

Busy Bees Room
2-3 year olds

Pre School Rooms
3-5 year olds


The Little Tots room is situated upstairs of the building. It is a bright and welcoming room. The staff in the Little Tots room are qualified or currently working towards a qualification. The ratio of staff to babies is one: three. Every child is allocated a “key person” who is responsible for documenting their development during their time with us and working alongside parents as partners.

A general day in the Little Tots room consists of water to drink and snacks provided as required. A craft or messy activity takes place in the morning and afternoon and when we get outside to play (weather permitting). If the weather outside is too wet and windy we have a soft play room that can be used as a physical activity. All needs and routines for an individual child are followed and we hope to provide a home from home environment.

Before your child starts with us we encourage some taster sessions in the weeks before their start date. We like you to come in with your child at first so you can meet the staff in the room and ask any questions you may have. After that taster sessions are then a chance for your child to get to know the staff, their “key person” and to settle in with us.

The Busy bee’s room is a bright, sociable and lively room situated at the front of the building. It consists of two rooms that are joined Into one providing an open flowing space for up to 16 children with the staff ratio being one to four.

The rooms are divided into many different areas to cater for all the needs of individual children. Providing areas for free and imaginative play, a quite area with soft cushions to relax and look at books and chill out, a home corner to encourage role play and friendship building. We also provide daily creative and messy play activities which are carried on throughout the day enabling all children to explore their senses and develop their own ideas. We have daily singing and story time.

The Busy Bees have access to the playground daily rain or shine, where we enjoy our new mud kitchen, creating our very own cuisine from our natural environment.
We also have our own decked area leading out from our messy room, which is used for many different activities as well as free play.



The Pre-school is spread out over 3 rooms which the children can move through freely. They are encouraged to explore the wide range of toys, puzzles, games and craft activities. There is also a bright and safe outside play area offering climbing equipment, water and sand play plus a selection of ride-on toys and scooters.

Mrs Andrea Smale is our pre-school leader and is assisted by a dedicated and experienced team that ensure the ratio of staff to children is at least 8:1 fun activities; both inside and outside areas follow weekely themes and topics which are planned around the children’s interests and cover the 7 areas of learning (as set out in the EYFS). A keyworker system is in place which offers children and parents support, a point of contact as well as ensuring that every individual child’s development in supported and nurtured and their needs met.

The morning session start with a short group time with ‘registration and weather board’ which is aimed at helping the children to settle into the routine of the day. Basic counting, shapes and colours are learnt through play, ‘Letter of the week’ is a simple introduction to letter sounds whereby children positively partake in small group discussion and daily ‘show and tells’. A mid-morning snack is offered to every child and the session ends with a story or rhyme-time.

New Menu’s launched

As part of our aim for continual development, we are pleased to announce the launch of our NEW menus!
We have worked hard to develop better, more nutritional meals that meet the voluntary standards as laid out by the Children’s Food Trust. For more information on the guidelines, visit their website at www.childrensfoodtrust.org.
Milk will continue to be served with morning and afternoon snack and water will be offered with each meal as well as continually throughout the day.


Week 1
W/C 6th Oct
W/C 27th Oct
W/C 17th Nov
W/C 8th Dec
W/C 29th Dec
›  chilli con carne
›  boiled rice
›  Nann bread

›  fresh fruit

›  roast chicken
›  roast potatoes
›  seasonal vegetables


›  ice cream

›  cheese & tomato

›  pasta bake

›  salad & garlic bread


›  cheese cake

›  savoury mince

›  saute potatoes

›  seasonal vegetables

›  shortbread


›  sausages

›  boiled potatoes

›  seasonal vegetables


›  apple cake


Light tea

›  waffles, ham & beans

›  fromage frais

›  cracker selection

›  grapes & mini cake

›  sausage rolls

›  fresh fruit

›  beans & toast

›  plain biscuit & fromage frais

›  cheese whirls

›  jelly

Week 2
W/C 22nd Sept
W/C 13th Oct
W/C 3rd Nov
W/C 24th Nov
W/C 15th Dec
›  sausage plait
›  boiled potatoes
›  seasonal vegetables

›  fromage frais

›  meat balls in tomato sauce
›  pasta spirals


›  homemade cookies

›  roast beef

›  roast potatoes
›  seasonal vegetables


›  ice cream


›  chicken curry

›  boiled rice

›  poppadoms

›  fruit flan

›  fish shapes

›  alphabet letter

›  baked beans


›  fresh fruit


Light tea

›  assorted sandwiches

›  gingerbread & fruit

›  chicken goujons & beans

›  fromage frais

›  cheese whirls

›  fresh fruit

›  hot dogs

›  ice cream/ice lollies

›  assorted sticks & dips

›  mini cake with apple

Week 3
W/C 29th Sept
W/C 20th Oct
W/C 10th Nov
W/C 1st Dec
W/C 22nd Dec
›  cottage pie
›  seasonal vegetables

›  homemade cookies

›  chicken casserole
›  fresh vegetable rice


›  chocolate cracknel

›  lasagne

›  garlic bread
›  salad


›  fromage frais


›  roast pork

›  roast potatoes

›  seasonal vegetables

›  ice cream

›  chicken nuggets

›  chips

›  salad


›  fresh fruit


Light tea

›  hoops & toast

›  fresh fruit

›  boiled eggs/cocktail sausages & bread fingers

›  yoghurts

›  cheese, mash & beans

›  mini doughnuts & fruit

›  pasta bake

›  fresh fruit

›  sandwiches

›  yoghurts


All our meat is sourced from a local butcher. We also alongside the main menu offer a vegetarian option everyday.


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